Indiana jones the lost temple

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indiana jones the lost temple

Watch in HD!!!!! Indy leads a group to a lost temple, to retrieve a golden artifact, 'cept the entire place is more. Indy is back in Lego and is now looking for a gold statue. You may recognize this from Indiana Jones 1. LEGO Indiana Jones Walkthrough for NextGenWalkthroughs and SpaceTopGames. I am NOT planning on.

Indiana jones the lost temple Video

LEGO: Indiana Jones (Original Adventures) The Lost Temple - Part 1 Walkthrough Sv weitersfeld of the rolling face statues will break it. Get to Know Us Careers About Harry potter computerspiel Investor Relations Amazon Devices. See that orange button on the ground in front of the face statue? Climb up to the whip platform and swing out to get the studs. Use the whip to pull the ring. Whip swing across the gap to the right. indiana jones the lost temple Now Indy can drop down and jump across to the right. Shatter it with Willie's scream or an explosive and take it to the mailbox you passed it on your way to the Parcel. Learn more about Amazon Giveaway. No part of this website may be reproduced without permission. Before moving on, head to the left and search behind the boulders at the base of the tall tree to find artifact piece 3. See that orange button on the ground in front of the face statue? Edit Treasure 7 Continue to the left and until you see the hieroglyphs on the wall. Shanghai Showdown Pankot Secrets I Pankot Secrets II The Temple of Kali Free the Slaves I Free the Slaves II Escape the Mines Battle on the Bridge. Climb down the ladder and head to the left. Avoid the wide, orange button concealed behind the trees. Later, when you've finished the level and returned to Barnett College , go to the Mail Room and pay the postage due to claim your parcel. Have Jock hop on top of the plane and use his wrench to get it working again. Free the dangling rope so Satipo can cross. Indiana Jones Marion Ravenwood Sallah Marcus Brody Henry Jones Sr. Pick up the brown crate and place it on the middle button. However, everyone who has had the patience to listen to the details of my research withdraws that question and subjects me to extensive interrogation. Jump to grab both of the 2 short vines one character for each and hang there to raise a small platform behind you. Pull the lever and open the gate. Don't have an account? Carry it to the green pad on the ground to the right and drop it. Build a raft from the pile of LEGO bits at the water's edge. The Droid Works EditDroid Graphics Fortune pai gow Pixar Kerner Optical SoundDroid THX. Pick up the Brown Box and place it on the green button in the center. Make your way across the moving platforms to the exit on the back wall near the middle of the screen. Indy should jump on automatically.


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